April 26, 2019
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December 23, 2020
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Backyard safety devices

Snakes, especially rattlesnakes are common to be found in our backyards during warm months in San Diego, CA. Coyotes are frequently visiting our backyards and enjoying a feast of our small dogs and cats. They are also attacking and injuring our large dogs.

PRECAUTIONS: To keep my backyard and front yard FREE and safe from wildlife, I keep my backyard clean by removing the clutters, piles of dry leaves, patching up any holes, and not planting bushes and shrubs. If you would prefer to plant low bushy shrubs, then need to maintain it by keeping an eye on it, as snakes love those low growing plants

Always check before letting children and pets out to the backyard and front yard. One of my friends mentioned once that her four-year-old was about to grab a baby rattlesnake, thinking it to be a harmless worm.

I prefer to keep my pets and children safe, but not harm any wildlife. Always remember, ” it’s better safe than sorry“.

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