3D Printing & Design

for Middle and High School students



Our daughter Oksana (9 years old) has always been curious about everything... How things are made, how things works and much more.  So when the opportunity showed up at her school to be able to start a coding class with Learning Comet she was thrilled!! She enjoyed her classes from the first to the last second, she was always looking forward to Thursday because she knew she had coding class. The owners of Learning comet were fantastic, always helpful with the students and also the parents. They set up a presentation at the end of the program where our children presented to us what they did and how they did it.  Oksana had a great time and learned a lot through this program and she will be continuing classes with Learning Comet.
Thank you so much for helping my girl develop her capabilities and be ready for the world we now live in and the world she will be living in.
Veronique Bernatchez (CVES Mom of 3rd Grade student- June 3rd,2019)


My kid loved this program.  He particularly enjoyed coding and the hands-on experience that this program offered.  This program helped us discover my kid's passion for technology and programming.  The staff were knowledgeable, empathic and delivered age appropriate coaching.  Preparing for the final presentation helped my kid in developing articulation, presentation skills.  Thank you Learning Comet for this wonderful program.
Will you recommend our program to other parents?
I will surely recommend this program to other parents.
Canyon View ES (San Diego),  Parent of 5th Grade student (May 23rd,2019)


My child is in fourth grade and attended Learning Comet's STEAM+ private programs (coding with Arduino and 3D printing). Their program is full of information and in-depth instruction. My child not only got interested in coding, but can understand and comprehend coding and 3 D printing process as well. I would definitely recommend their program for all kids.

Parent of fourth-grade students, May 2019.

Special Ed Advocacy

I am the parent of a second-grade girl having Autism. She didn't like school at all, was not encouraged to participate in classroom activities, was non-verbal, and had a one-on-one aide.
After receiving educational therapy services from Mrs. Pallachulla for a year, she presented her science project with her peers and also participated in all classroom activities. She made huge progress academically, behaviorally,, and socially.
Mrs.Pallachulla also helped me with the IEP meetings and advocacy. ( May, 2016)