EDUCATIONAL THERAPY : Prospective Clients

GIFTED STUDENTS in Elementary, Middle and High students (K-12)
Young adults ( high school or post high school) having ASPERGER'S SYNDROME, ADHD and HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM
Elementary, Middle and High students (K-12) and young adults having Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities ( ADHD, Autism, Mental Retardation, Twice Exceptional( Gifted+Disability) and diagnosed and undiagnosed Learning Disabilities (LD or SLD) but not limited to:

•Dyslexia and related Reading and Writing Difficulties, not limited to (expressive and receptive language, phonemic awareness comprehension of texts).
• Math Difficulties
• Auditory processing delays
• Visual processing delays
• Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (NVLD)
• Language Processing Problems
• Poor Motivation
• Low Academic Self-esteem
• Poor Social Skills
• School Placement and Retention

Services provided using Evidence Based Approaches:

INCLUZEN PROGRAM: to get and stay hired
Providing career development coaching sessions to young adults having ASPERGER'S SYNDROME, ADHD and HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM.


Provide a holistic and comprehensive teaching approach to build a solid cognitive, emotional and technological foundation of a gifted child.

Study Skills and Executive Functioning

Working Memory and Processing Skills Time Management Organizational Skills

Supporting successful completion of homework:

Supporting successful completion of homework: in order to complete the homework successfully, I assist the parents and children by providing appropriate study environment, scheduling, strategies, documentation building and communication between the home and school.

Special Education Advocacy

IEP writing assistance, meetings, 504, Suspension and Expulsion

Testing and Assessments including Dyslexia Screening

Psychoeducational and Diagnostic evaluations and testing, Standardized Tests, Formal and Curriculum-based assessments

Educational Therapy/Remedial instruction: Kinder, Elementary, Middle and High School (K-12)

Remedial instruction in Elementary(K-12 Reading, Writing ( multi-sensory instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham approach using different EVIDENCE -BASED programs Math.