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January 2, 2016
January 8, 2016
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Ending Homework Struggle

worriedGood Afternoon,

Using the Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and technology, the homework struggle can be solved.

What is Reinforcement?  ABA and Reinforcements can be applied to anybody.

The first procedure as stated by AIM,”Reinforcement is based upon the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), particularly the work of B.F. Skinner. Through his work, Skinner (1956) outlined the major theoretical constructs of reinforcement and argued that reinforcement should be individualized based upon learner preference. The main reason is that what is reinforcing to one person may not be reinforcing to another. Therefore, reinforcement is most effective when it is individualized for a particular learner and when it is immediately presented in response to a learner’s use of a target behavior.

When using reinforcement, it is essential that learners with ASD understand what behavior is required to earn the reinforcer. Research on reinforcement has shown that it is a highly effective practice that can be used to increase and strengthen a variety of behaviors and skills (cf., Cicero & Pfadt, 2002; Grindle & Remington, 2005; Higbee, Carr, & Patel, 2002; Kay, Harchik, & Luiselli, 2006; Lee & Sturmey, 2006; Pelios, MacDuff, & Axelrod, 2003; Sidener, Shabani, Carr, & Roland, 2006; Todd & Reid, 2006).

When implementing reinforcement, the following three basic principles should be followed:

  • Reinforcement immediately follows the target behavior.
  • Reinforcement fits the target behavior and is meaningful to the learner with ASD.
  • Multiple reinforcers are more effective than a single reinforcer (Alberto & Troutman, 2008).”

“Differential reinforcement of incompatible behavior (DRI), delivers reinforcement upon the occurrence of a behavior that is physically incompatible with or cannot be exhibited at the same time as the inappropriate behavior (Deitz & Repp, 1983; Sigafoos et al., 2009). For example, if the interfering behavior is the inability to pay attention, then an incompatible behavior would be the ability to pay attention. Similarly, if it is desired to stop the child from exhibiting out-of-seat behavior (i.e. running around the classroom), then in-seat behavior is targeted and reinforced. The idea behind DRI is that the target or replacement behavior cannot be performed at the same time as the problematic behavior….”

For example, My six yr old son received Xbox as a gift for Christmas. I am using technology as a reinforcement for a struggle free homework time.

My son is asking for homework and is willing to work on more advanced and challenging tasks for longer periods.

What’s the secret? Xbox …. hahaha, Well yes and no. It is just a tool as I am using it as a reinforcement… Positive one.

But, again, I am also letting him play on a timed schedule. Parental supervision is essential for young Kids.

Parents can get creative and use the technology available to you and your kid to motivate your kids to work on their homework without struggling.

Reference: Retrieved on 1/3/2016 from https://www.autisminternetmodules.org/dash.php?cat=dash_tab_mn
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