How Young Is Too Young to Learn to Code?

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September 7, 2015
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September 11, 2015
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How Young Is Too Young to Learn to Code?

835d7772f292f0c1557feb86d586f84bHow Young Is Too Young to Learn to Code? (click to see article)

This article by MIT is highly informative and has evidently articulated that it’s better to teach coding to young children as it develops their logical and critical thinking by using their imaginations and discovering new things.

 Young children at age four learn to understand logic, three to five steps commands and are usually able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. These are the main initial concepts to learn to program.

My son, 6yrs old loves Scratch Jr and is busy creating his own projects.

As a parent and mom, it’s an unexplainable immense  bliss for me because my son is not watching movies or playing video games most of the times, instead creating his own games, spending his “screen time” in learning new skills.

Globally, the importance of teaching coding to young children is increasing. UK coding culture is on the rise, in China, every child learns to code in school, in the USA, it’s only 5%.

Research shows that children below seven years of age can learn foreign or second languages, promptly, so why wouldn’t we not let our children explore and learn a computer vernacular?