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Dr. Jennifer Lowry - Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr. Jennifer Lowry - Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Phone: (858) 472-4590

Address: Cush Plaza 10620 Treena St, Suite 230 San Diego, CA 92131

As a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry, She commonly treats the following problems/disorders:
Autism spectrum disorders
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Learning problems
Developmental delays
Oppositional/defiant behaviors
Difficulty forming friendships
Eating disorders
Emotion regulation and self harm

She also has experience with adult patients in the following areas:

Women's health issues
Pregnancy and postpartum period
Bipolar disorders
Anxiety disorders
Eating disorders
Post traumatic stress disorder
Jazmine Gregory, Attorney at Law
Jazmine Gregory, Attorney at Law
4275 Executive Square, Suite 200
La Jolla, CA 92037

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Kyle Capacia (Math Turor)
Kyle Capacia will have a Bachelor’s degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics from San Jose State University. As a Mathematician, he has had the opportunity to work with numerous students ranging from high school to undergraduates. From his experience working with students, Kyle has an understanding that people learn differently and at different paces. By having a tutor-student mentorship and adapting to their style of learning, he believes that students have the opportunity to learn and love mathematics. On his free time, Kyle enjoys playing piano and watching sports. His favorite teams are the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Lakers. He hopes that one day he will have a job in Analytics or Sports Statistics.