Dyslexia Is Important to the Nation, Senators Say
June 27, 2016
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October 29, 2016
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I worked with a client categorized as 2e. The child was in 5th grade,able to learn calculus, IQ ranging between (135-150) but was struggling with his learning disability part.
His school identified his gifted ability but was not able to and willing to identify and recognize his learning disability(Dyslexia).
As an educational therapist, I administered some standardized assessments from Pearson, did some screening on his Dyslexia and advocated for him.
The mom took the evaluations and convinced the school’s administrators to evaluate him again if they want.

Parents need to be aware of their children’s abilities and be the advocates.

These kids need different strategies to learn. Watch the following video By Dr. Dan Peters, Summit Center